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We are happy to welcome you on our homepage of the research project „expert career – career development for women and men in companies”*.

The scientific analysis of career paths, in particular with regard to equal opportunities for men and women is characterized by a long research tradition. Nevertheless, the main focus of interest of research programs remains to lie on the traditional management career model. Consequently, the topic of „expert career“ as an alternative career model is still not taken into consideration by research projects.

These outlined facts stand in contrast to the extremely high relevance of researches of alternative career models, in particular as we have to challenge the effects of demographic changes, the increasing importance of knowledge management and the lack of highly skilled workers. HR company policy which intends to offer comparable career possibilities for women often do not consider the possibility of the establishment of alternative career models within their company. This fact results in the problem that the company fails to respond to different career aspirations of their employees.

The aim of our project is the (further) development and implementation of expert career systems in companies to offer an alternative career development especially to highly qualified and career oriented women and men.
With the intention to realize a practical oriented project interrogations and interviews as well as workshops and conferences are conducted. For a limited circle of companies there is also the possibility of cooperation.

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Please inform yourself about the topic of “expert career” and about our numerous research questions, which we present in a short research project portrait
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*This project is funded by the Federal Ministery of Education and Resarch and European Union's European Social Funds (fund number 01FP1032 / 01FP1033 / 01FP1034 / 01FP1035).